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CHECKLIST: 9 Things You Should Know About a Managed IT Service Provider's Solutions

(Before You Sign)

Because not all Managed IT Service Providers are created alike.

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When evaluating managed IT service providers, it's important to understand how they compare to other companies in terms of their solutions, their service and their experience.

For example, does the company: 

  • Offer true 24x7x365 service or does after-hours support mean you get routed through an answering service?
  • Will you get charged extra for essentials?
  • How are data backups managed?

With this educational Managed IT Service Provider Checklist you can: 

  • Easily compare the competencies of various managed IT service providers
  • Develop a baseline for essential services that any modern IT Partner should offer
  • Identify any areas of concern that should be addressed with a potential IT Partner 
  • Stay informed about what leading Managed IT Service Providers are offering to their customers today
  • Ask the right questions when interviewing a potential Managed IT Service Partner

Using this helpful checklist, you can quickly compare Managed IT Service providers using 9 categories that define comprehensive, modern IT management.